A Simple Advisory Regarding the New mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine
By Rev. Stephen McKenna
Research Consultation Provided by: Dr. Daniel Stanislowski, Ph. D*1








The year 2020 has been one of great upheaval. Since the SARS-Cov-2 virus (Coronavirus or Covid-19) came upon the scene, piles of information have been presented, even more misinformation forwarded, myriads of lies propagated, scores of public service announcements promulgated, thousands of jobs and small businesses forcibly eliminated, and there have been more and more draconian and non-sensical laws and mandates, to which the general population has now been subjugated. Doubtless, it is enough to leave even the heartiest of souls... exacerbated.

Ok, enough rhyming... however, it is very true that, with all that has gone on, a swift end to the madness should be a welcome prospect. But, with the arrival of new vaccines for coronavirus, many are more confused and concerned than before. Should we be concerned? What should a person do, regarding the vaccine?

It is my goal, in this article, to present a short enumeration and explanation of why we should not be rushing off to receive this new vaccine. It is not my intention, in this article, to do a comprehensive study on the morality of vaccines. I have done this already in a radio program which can be heard on Restoration Radio.*2 *3 Nor is it my intention to provide a long, extensively cited, more deeply scientific discourse on the different coronavirus vaccines. This may be something which may be produced at a later time, but not presently. I simply hope to get out in front of the rapid distribution of the new vaccines, in order to offer some clerical advice and explanation on what our response should be to these vaccines: to, in a way, answer the myriad of emails, letters, and questions which have begun to file in and will only increase in time.


So, why should we be very hesitant to receive this new vaccine?

1. The technology used in these vaccines is new, untested, and unproven. Unlike traditional vaccines – which inject either dead or debilitated viral loads into the patient in the hopes of creating an immune system response and the creation of antibodies*4 which, hopefully, would then fight against future exposures – the new vaccines released for the Coronavirus do not use any actual viral loads. Instead, there is a synthetic production of a particular RNA*5 sequence, (namely the RNA sequence which produces the “spike” proteins which stick out of the virus, which we are calling mRNA or messenger RNA). On the one hand, this explains how the pharmaceutical companies were able to produce the vaccine so quickly, because they didn’t have to create viral cultures. However, on the other hand, this new technology has never been used on humans before. And now, not only are we using it for the first time, but it has also come out in an extremely rushed fashion. This should give anybody a reason to pause and be hesitant to receive this new treatment.

2. The pharmaceutical companies have no idea if the vaccines could cause long term side effects. How could they, given that we are only in the first year of the virus, let alone the first couple months of existence of the vaccines? Could you develop serious health problems down the line? Develop cancer? Have seizures? Grow a second head out of your neck? Yes, it seems like that last one is improbable... however, me telling you it probably won’t happen has the same amount of evidence to back it up as the pharmaceutical companies has... i.e. zero.


3. We can’t even test effectively for it yet, let alone “cure” it. There is no reliable and effective test for whether or not a person has contracted Covid-19. The accuracy of the most reliable test, the RT-PCR test*6, or as it is commonly referred to as, simply the PCR test, is dependent upon the number of cycles performed on the samples and doesn’t account for whether the virus is living or dead or what the viral load is.*7 Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted that any positive hit after 35 cycles is definitely a dead virus and thus, a false positive. Most experts estimate anything after 25-30 cycles is certainly a false positive and that if you go beyond 45 cycles, every human will come up positive for the corona virus. However, most testing facilities run at least 40 cycles and don’t indicate which cycle has produced a positive result. It’s for this reason, estimated reliability of the PCR test is little better than the flip of coin... that’s not a glib statement... I literally mean that the accuracy is estimated, by some, to be around 50%.*8 It’s for this reason that the very creator of the PCR test has stated it never was designed to test for Covid. In the country of Portugal, the courts have officially ruled that the PCR test was not a reliable means to determine Covid infection and thus they couldn’t require people to quarantine based on a positive PCR result.*9

So, if we can’t even effectively determine whether or not a person is infected with Covid-19, why do we think we have the magic button to prevent it? When they claim that the vaccine is 90-95% effective... effective in what? We have no reliable determinant of infection.


4. It is not even purporting to be a cure. I think that most people who plan to receive the vaccine believe that this will return us back to normal. However, even the scientists are not pretending that this is the case. Will it prevent you from being able to contract Covid? No. Will it keep you from getting sick if you catch the virus? No. Will you be able to take off your mask, stop social distancing? No. The vaccine is only claiming to lessen the chance that contracting the virus will end up becoming an infection and lessening the severity of the illness... an illness that over 99% of people survive, already.

5. There are still potentially harmful ingredients in the vaccine. If people are concerned when their breakfast cereal contains high fructose corn syrup or if the cow they ate had been given steroids…why wouldn’t they be concerned to have ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2- hexyldecanoate), 2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, and dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate all injected directly into their bodies? Some of these are lipid fats designed to penetrate the cell walls of your body’s own cells and introduce foreign genetic sequences into them in order that they may completely change their function inside the body... not exactly free range and cage free.

6. The very concept of mRNA taking over your own cells could be dangerous. The very way the mRNA technology works is that mRNA sequences, which produce protein sequences identical to those in the spike protein of the coronavirus, are injected into your body. These synthetic RNA sequences then insert themselves through the cell wall and link up with your own DNA,*10 altering the structure so that your own cells will now produce the spike protein in order to develop antibodies. Sure, the injection is made into the arm and the hope is that the cells which are used to replicate the mRNA are going to be arm muscle cells which should have minimal negative affect to the body. However, some of the vaccine will find its way into a person’s blood stream and where it goes from there and what cells it affects is anyone’s guess. Could it go to your leg and insert itself into other muscle cells??... sure. Could it also go to your heart and hijack those muscle cells, potentially causing heart problems?... Also, yes. Could it head to your brain and hijack neurons and have them change their function from running your cognitive functions to making spike proteins and interrupt brain functionality in a significant way?... again, yes. This happened with a vaccine developed for H1N1 in the UK, when it was administered in 2009. It led to an increase of cases of narcolepsy and other neurological disorders.*11 We have already seen with the new Covid-19 vaccine, even in its early administration, several cases in the U.S. where Bell’s Palsy has occurred in people after receiving the vaccine.*12 In another instance, a healthy doctor in Florida was one of the first front line physicians to receive the vaccine. He died after the mRNA caused his body to stop producing platelets and thus resulting in a fatal hemorrhagic stroke.*13


The administration of the Covid-19 vaccine has even already been suspended in Singapore after 48 people died in South Korea, causing serious concern over the safety of the vaccines.*14 Strange... our mainstream media is silent about this.

7. Risks of Infertility. The development of autoimmune diseases (when your body’s immune system harms itself) have long been suspected of being linked to certain vaccines. The new mRNA vaccines have already been questioned for their safety due to a possible risk of infertility. Dr. Michael Yeardon, a former Vice President for Pfizer, has talked about how the spike protein, which the vaccine is designed to get your body to create antibodies to destroy, is very close in genetic sequence to a protein which creates the placenta in a woman.*15 Because of this, it is possible that a vaccinated woman could find herself in risk of infertility, because her own body has been trained to fight against the production of what is necessary to support life in the womb. If this were the case, it would not mean that she couldn’t conceive a baby... but rather, said baby conceived may be destined to death by miscarriage before the mother would even know that she was pregnant.

8. If any of these potential health problems arise for you, you have no recourse. Because there is no knowledge if there could be long term detrimental effects from the Covid vaccine and there is very little known about potential side effects that may manifest themselves in the short term, due to the rapid production of these vaccines, the novel method of vaccination, and the lack of any testing against a true control group, you might think that the vaccine is risky but these companies must be pretty confident to make them available to the general public, because if it were to go poorly, their companies would doubtless be ruined. Sadly, this is not the case. If you were to get sick from the mRNA vaccine, there is nothing that you can do about it. You can’t sue the pharmaceutical companies. You can’t require their licenses to manufacture drugs be pulled. Vaccine companies are immune from any liability... by American Law.*16 *17


9. It is part of promoting the globalist plan for a “Great Reset” of society. Ok, I know that this might seem like I will get a bit off into the weeds with this one... but it is really important to understand what is actually going on in regards to Covid-19, the vaccine, and the greater agenda. While all that I have explained above have been reasons to be very hesitant to receive this new vaccine, this is the reason why we should want to stand up and fight against this agenda.


To start, we know that the world elites in the World Economic Forum have been pushing for a “Great Reset” for quite a while now.*18 This would be a painful push, necessary in their minds for a better society, to eliminate capitalism, strong boarders, security of countries, nationalism, cash based economy, and personal liberty and to replace it with open boarders, socialism, strong global regulation, government control over daily life, cryptocurrency, and a collectivist mindset over individualistic.*19 Who are these elites in the World Economic Forum? They are people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, and Al Gore... Essentially the ultra-wealthy and powerful.

What was missing from being able to implement this “Great Reset” was a simple catalyst, which would shift the way of thinking of the population as a whole... like a pandemic. And thus, our timeline showing this participation begins.

• In 2019, The NIAID (National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease), led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, funded the Wuhan laboratory with $3.7 Million for research on bat-based coronaviruses.

• Starting October 18th, the World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ran an exercise called Event 201. In this exercise, a coronavirus, which originates in bats but changes to affect humans is released from a Chinese laboratory and spreads worldwide, becoming a global pandemic. During the exercise, they play out the scenarios necessary in order to help keep it all under control, including shutting down businesses, quarantining people, implementing societal changes in the name of safety, controlling the media, and censoring social media from expressing diverging opinions on the crisis. All this is made necessary to last until a vaccine is developed and the majority of the population is vaccinated, leading to herd immunity.

o It is important to note that in the history of humanity, there have been many coronaviruses... none have ever even come close to being labeled a pandemic. So, where has the need to run such a scenario come from?

o Also, it is important to note that one of the major pushers of mandatory vaccines for the coronavirus has been Bill Gates. We should not forget that it was his own Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has many times run afoul of their pushing of vaccines on populations under the guise of “philanthropy”. One example was when they tried experimental vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix out on unsuspecting poor Indian children. They told the children it was a medicine to prevent many diseases, and especially malaria. They also administered it without parental consent to these children or by consent forms forged by those running the experiments. In all cases, none of the kids were aware they were actually being used as guinea pigs for the experimental vaccines for HPV, an STD that can cause cervical cancer... and it led to scores of illnesses and even deaths.*20 Some in India wanted the Foundation tried for crimes against humanity. Bill Gates is not altruistic in wanting to force vaccinate you... and he stands to make a lot of money off these drugs.

• At the exact same time as Event 201 was being run, the Covid-19 coronavirus was released from the labs in Wuhan, China.

o It is a virus originally blamed on bats, but in time has been proven in multiple ways to be man-made, rather than coming from a natural mutation. One such proof of this is in the genetic sequencing of the spike protein on the coronavirus. (The one which facilitates implanting the virus’ RNA into your own body’s cells and the same protein which the vaccine is supposed to target). There are four inserts of this spike protein, which cause the sequencing to vary from other Coronaviridae. All four of these inserts are, however, genetically similar to inserts in HIV viruses... so genetically similar that it is a statistical impossibility to be randomly produced.*21

• At their annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2020, the World Economic Forum began talking about how the spreading Coronavirus presented the very opportunity for the “Great Reset”.

o This had been a “need” the WEF has been publicly calling for since 2014.

o This message has been continued by their vocal members throughout 2020. The head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab stated, “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”*22

• Huge grants for vaccine research were issued to pharmaceutical companies and work in development was well underway before the vaccine even came to the United States. By March 16th, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was already calling for human trial volunteers.*23

o To put this in perspective, before Covid-19, the quickest vaccine to be developed was over four years, for mumps. Most take at least 10-15 years to develop and test.*24 But with Covid-19, they were calling for human test subjects before people in the U.S. had even stopped going to concerts and sports games.

o All pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines have complete immunity from liability and a gigantic financial incentive to be the first to market…an open and praised conflict of interest.

And so here we are, at the beginning of 2021... In one year, our lives and society have been drastically changed and it seems, at least in some degree, in a way that may never return to normal. The media, politicians, a powerful elite present us with a solution to a problem that is seemingly caused by themselves. Of that solution, you are not allowed to question whether it is beneficial or harmful. New technology is introduced, based in genetic manipulation, containing foreign, artificial, and potentially harmful additives and adjuvants, manifesting early side-effects which are summarily dismissed as unconnected, despite having no scientific study or evidence to back such a claim, with potential long term side-effects which are unknowable because there have been no long term tests... all being rushed forward to mass production by companies who are immune from any liability or responsibility and stand to earn billions of dollars for early delivery and by world leaders who are members of forums which are promoting radical social upheaval to remake society in a “Great Reset”, and by a sweater wearing tech billionaire, whose own “philanthropic and humanistic” foundation has been accused of crimes against humanity for conducting secret genetic and pharmaceutical experiments upon unsuspecting impoverished children of third world countries... experiments for drugs which he has made billions of dollars from, due to his own investments. All of this cannot be spoken of. If you do, you are labeled a “science denier” and “conspiracy theorist”. But the actual science leaves us with more questions and concerns than answers.


The concerns about what may be the long-term effects upon one’s health from receiving the vaccine are definitely enough to cause me to hold up a cautionary hand against getting in line at your local clinic to receive it. This is especially given that the risks are largely unquantified and unknown, while the benefits are so minimal, i.e. only a possible reduction in the severity of symptoms for a virus which, symptomatically, merely presents itself as a flu to almost all infected and has a greater than 99% survival rate. However, when we add to this the reality that it is all tied directly to the destruction of personal and religious rights, forwarding of socialistic societal takeover, and a planned remaking of the world... we must sincerely rethink if we want to have any part of this cabal... or, if it is here, where we draw the line in the sand and begin the fight back.



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